Amara Soundarya foundation is a professional, specialized Semi-Residential school, committed to providing an individualized education program to children with Autism, Down syndrome, and learning difficulties.

Institute for the differently abled

Facilities provided are:

Special Education

(Recognized by NIOS)


Individualized Education

Programs to suit the child


Qualified and Experienced

Special Educators


Specialists & Therapists

Occupational & Speech



Learning through visual aids



Music Dance and Yoga




Training & Guidance



Training & Events

Early Intervention

Early intervention services are a range of targeted services to help young children who have developmental delays or specific health conditions, with a view to mitigate the effects, thereby increasing their chances of success in school and life overall. Early intervention services usually last up to age 4. Early intervention services include:

Physical skills

Reaching, Crawling, Walking, Drawing, Building

Cognitive skills

Thinking, Learning, Solving problems

Communication skills

Talking, Listening, Understanding others

Self-help or adaptive skills

Eating, Dressing


Social or emotional skills

Playing, Interacting with others

Sensory processing skills

Handling textures, Tastes, Sounds, Smells


National Institute of Open Schooling

The National Institute of Open Schooling syllabus will be applied to train children, who will ultimately be awarded an NIOS certificate. Special Education Courses are delivered to children on 3 levels:


Level A

Level B

Level C

Remedial classes for SLD
remedial intervention

After-school, an intervention support is provided for children with specific learning disabilities, slow learners and school related issues. We also coach NIOS students.

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