Service Offered
Counselling and Assessment

Parents and children will be counseled and assessed by the psychologist under
the Individualized Education Program, and based on the assessment, our special
educators will plan an education program for each child.


Speech Therapy:

If the child has a speech disability that includes trouble pronouncing words, speech therapy may help improve language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills. Speech therapists, or speech an language pathologists (SLPs), are the professionals who provide these services

Yoga therapy:

Yoga focuses on health and wellness at all levels of the child: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Yoga therapy focuses on the path of Yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to the body and mind through an experiential understanding of the primary intention of Yoga: awakening of Spirit, our essential nature.

Occupational Therapy:

An Occupational therapist will help the children to achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Dance Therapy:

This helps children to develop positive body image, improve self- esteem, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Music therapy:

Music therapy uses music to promote healing and enhance quality of life. It’s a complementary therapy that is used along with other treatments to help children to cope up mentally and physically. Music therapy may involve listening to music, creating music, singing, and discussing music.

Certificate Courses

We conduct short-term intensive courses for parents & teachers on:

Early Intervention

Specific Learning Difficulties

Special education



Social Enterprise

We are proud to present our social enterprise run by individuals with special needs at our premises. You are invited to enjoy our organic drinks and also purchase our plants, nurtured by the Amara Soundarya family.

Voluntary Services

Internship Program

Donations & Patrons

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