• Well lit and spacious
  • Ergonomic and comfortable furniture
  • Green-boards and Display-boards that support learning
  • Reading and Learning
  • Corners which encourage new learning


  • Develops and sustains the habit of reading
  • 'A reading programme' to promote reading
  • Wide collection of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Periodicals and Reference books

Activity Room:

  • Space For small social gatherings
  • Well equiped with Properties For Arts and craft activities
  • Caters to exploring the world of Science

Therapies :

  • Sensory therapy, also known as sensory integration therapy, has proven to be a transformative approach in supporting the development and well-being of special needs children. Grounded in the understanding of sensory processing difficulties, sensory therapy seeks to provide targeted interventions that help children better interpret and respond to sensory input. This therapeutic approach has shown significant benefits across various domains, contributing to the overall enhancement of the lives of special needs children
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