The Great Sculptor – An Award & Interview Series

The Great Sculptor series is a motivating programme in the form of an award and interview series that aims to recognize the inspiring journey of par ents with differently-abled children. It is a one-of-a-kind initiative by Amara Soundarya Foundation to highlight the efforts behind the smile of every differentlyabled child

Like a seed that is sown, children bloom from the nurture and love received from their parents. Every differently abled child and their parents have numerous hurdles to overcome.

We believe that helping a differently-abled child to lead a socially and economically independent life may be tenuous, but it is not impossible. The series aims to motivate and inspire every parent to believe in their child's abilities and instil an unwavering confidence in them. The interviews are conducted by our very own founder and chairperson, Mrs. Nirmala Amarnath. The event is conducted at 11am on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

The first episode was conducted virtually on August 15th,2020 and with three successful interviews so far, we hope the love and support extended will only flourish and inspire many more parents.

Watch our YouTube playlist on this to get a brief introduction to the event and the FULL VIDEO of the past three interviews.

YouTube playlist:

An interview with Mrs. Hema Nataraj

Episode 1
Our first esteemed guest - Mrs. Hema Nataraj, has been in the field of Special Education for over two decades. She is the Managing Trustee of Nithya Saadhana. Over the years, she has trained children with multiple disabilities, conducted community programs and has been a huge source of inspiration for many parents. She is a mother to Nithya, a differently abled child and has successfully raised her to be an independent, working woman today. --

An interview with Mr. Hanumantharaju

Episode 2
Our second esteemd guest, Mr. Hanumantharaju and his wife have raised their son DEVESH.H who is diagnosed as ASD with ADHD to be a talented and accomplished individual today. They have taught Devesh to overcome his challenges and trained him to be a Carnatic Vocal singer, an artistic individual who can also play Tabla and Mridungam. To hear the inspiring effort and stories behind his son Devesh's success,

An interview with Smt. Geetha Venkatesan

Episode 3
Our esteemed guest of this month - Smt. Geeta,is the mother of Alamelu Venkatesan, who's hard work and perseverance has helped her daughter Ammu to shine bright and stand tall in the world. Ammu was born with a rare kind of problem called congenial myopathy that mainly affected her limbs. They have raised their daughter to be a post graduate in Commerce, and also helped her complete MCA & ICWA Backed by their constant support and guidance, today Alamelu is a working, married woman, a mother to a young boy and is interested in a diverse range of activities from academics to fine arts, knitting, painting, embroidery and even music.

How can you now be a part of this unique initiative?

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